Forge Media

Forge Media

Forge Media employs emerging filmmakers ages 16-25 to work alongside experienced producers creating video content that stands out from the crowd and brings clients’ concepts to life. This next generation of videographers gain valuable experience in professional film production, build their portfolios, further develop their skills, and expand their relationships in the film industry.

Forge Media’s Impact

Forge Media’s youth apprenticeship program is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley. Young, aspiring filmmakers who excel in the Spark Studios program gain client-based work experience, further develop their filmmaking skills using professional-level equipment and technology, and build both their portfolios and professional relationships.

All proceeds from Forge Media support our apprentices through this creative media mentorship program. Competition in the world of media is tough, and opportunities for emerging filmmakers can be hard to come by. Forge provides young filmmakers and producers with those opportunities, giving them an edge as they continue on the path towards becoming media industry leaders. Learn more about the services Forge Media offers at

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Youth working with Forge Media are often referred through Spark Studios or have worked with The Art Effect as a film and media intern and excelled within their program. At Forge Media, young filmmakers work on professional film sets throughout the Hudson Valley gaining experience as an assistant director or production assistant in:

  • Boom Operation
  • Sound Mixing
  • Camera Operating
  • Grip and Gaffer
  • Editing
  • Writing


Forge Film Shoot

Recent clients of Forge Media include:
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