Edward Murr


An Illustrator for over twenty years, I have had the pleasure of creating Illustrations for a wide range of clients. Starting off at the Marvel Comics Bullpen in the early nineties working alongside some great cartoonists and moving over to Topps Comics, immersing myself in the study of storytelling and drawing the entire time. At the same time also working as a caricaturist I studied thousands of faces sketching for corporate and private functions throughout the northeast. Other applications of my craft included work as Storyboard Artist for various advertising, film & television productions for live action, music-videos and animation. As a licensing artist I have worked on paint masters for toys, illustrated calendars and worked on style guides. My personal work explores the topic of dreams and nightmares exploring the imagery between dreams and popular culture. Currently I continue my career as a Freelance Illustrator while also teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute.