Jeremiah Jones

Teaching Artist, Digital Arts + Illustration + Mixed Media Animation

Jeremiah Jones is a skilled animator and artist, over the course of their career Jeremiah’s multimedia art practice has made them a go-to teacher and collaborator for design teams, art advisors, and premier clients in NYC, Chicago, and LA. Jeremiah has taught youth art classes at esteemed institutions like the Guggenheim, MoMA, and The American Folk Art Museum, among others. Jeremiah’s art and animation are fun, beautiful, and complicated. Often the work involves multiple processes that might include fiber art, painting, drawing, and hand crafted projects in the studio. Jeremiah’s work has millions of views on youtube, has been exhibited at prominent art spaces, private collections, and museums around the world. Over the summer students in Jeremiah’s classes will be creating a variety of digital media artworks that merge traditional art principles, skill-building in time-based and new media, and the development of a critical eye to help artists set and achieve their own personal aesthetic goals.  Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs