Junior and Summer Art Institute

Summer Art Institute

The Art Effect’s Summer Art Institute (SAI) is a summer art intensive program for youth ages 14-19 designed to help students develop ideas and build skills in the visual and digital arts. The Art Effect’s Summer Art Institute takes high school-aged artists on a deep dive into their chosen medium while building on a foundational knowledge of techniques, elements, and principles of fine or digital art while creating a strong portfolio. High school students interested in pursuing a degree in the arts will meet with college representatives and receive portfolio critiques each session.

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm
Dutchess Community College – Allyn Washington Center for Art & Science, 37 Gallery Circle, Poughkeepsie


Digital Arts & Illustration track is recommended for high school students who are interested in exploring and refining skills in animation, digital painting, narrative creation, concept design, and illustration. Students in this track will take classes including Digital Illustration, Mixed Media Animation, and Human Figure. Students will elevate their artistic knowledge, technical skills, and unique artistic style this summer by learning the power of mark-making, color theory, narrative creation, character design, animation, and contemporary artistic technology. Students will master their skills using various technology including iPads, and professional programs such as Procreate, Adobe Suite, and beyond!

Session 1: 7/8-7/26
Session 2: 7/29-8/16

Junior Art Institute

The Art Effect’s Junior Art Institute takes young artists (ages 11-14) on a deep dive into their chosen medium while building a foundational knowledge of techniques, elements, and principles of fine or digital art.
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm.
Dutchess Community College – Allyn Washington Center for Art & Science, 37 Gallery Circle, Poughkeepsie.

Fine Arts students this summer will explore drawing, painting, introductory figure drawing, and stop-motion animation! This intensive art course teaches students the various concepts of 2D and 3D art while showing them the many possibilities and outcomes these techniques and materials can offer. This Junior Art Institute track is perfect for students serious about fine art and developing their skill set.

Digital Arts Track
The Junior Art Institute’s Digital Arts track will include instruction in digital arts and illustration, stop-motion animation, and experimental printmaking. Students will learn fine art skills such as value, color theory, composition, and 3D modeling to create original, digital artworks. Learn how fine art elements enhance character designs and narratives! This track is great for students interested in animation, character design, and illustration.

Skills and Techniques

The artwork students produce in the most advanced majors exhibit principles of art, and personal conceptual themes that colleges seek in students applying for arts programs. The foundations majors help define students’ creative direction in preparation for more advanced visual arts instruction. Mediums and techniques may include:

  • Drawing with graphite, charcoal, pastels, pencils, ink
  • Painting with tempera, watercolor, acrylic, oil
  • Sculpture, clay, assemblage, cardboard, paper mache, styrofoam, mixed media, collage
  • Photography, videography, filmmaking, animation
  • Digital painting, media art, sound design, production, editing
  • Composition, color theory, color schemes, proportion, figurative, character design, figure drawing, self-portrait, still life,  landscape, balance, value, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, unity, variety, form, texture
  • Portfolio development, professionalism, studio practice, critique, mentorship, career, vision

The Institute provides one-on-one mentoring throughout the year to support students’ college applications and helps students secure merit-based scholarships to art schools and colleges. Our students have been awarded over $56 million in scholarships to the nation’s finest art schools across the nation. Learn more about the Art Institute here.


Instructors are professional visual and media artists who mentor students through projects, encouraging students to build their skills while becoming well-rounded and diversified in the visual and digital arts. They include illustrators, photographers, and exhibiting visual artists. 

Become a member of the Art Institute to enjoy exclusive benefits while supporting The Art Effect’s mission to empower young people to develop their creative voice, shape their futures, and bring about positive social change through visual and media arts. As a member, you will save an additional 5% on classes and Summer Arts Camps, get in early with VIP entry to meet with top arts colleges at Hudson Valley Regional Portfolio Day, and receive early access to registration for year-round art courses. Call 845.471.7477 or click here to join today!