Apply to be a Lead for Poughkeepsie Fellow!

Are you a recent college graduate or young professional looking for a transformative work opportunity to make a difference in Poughkeepsie? Apply to be a Lead for Poughkeepsie Fellow! Serve on two-year full-time public service placements with social impact organizations, including The Art Effect in the City of Poughkeepsie! Fellows will join a national network of young leaders from across the nation and benefit from professional development programming with leading national organizations and universities. Compensation includes: living, healthcare and housing* stipends (*or in-kind housing). Apply for placement at The Art Effect! How might we empower disadvantaged youth, revitalize downtown Poughkeepsie, and strengthen community assets by establishing a youth arts empowerment zone at the newly renovated Trolley Barn in downtown Poughkeepsie? The Fellow will aid in the development and implementation of The Art Effect’s Trolley Barn Initiative in downtown Poughkeepsie. The Fellow will spearhead multiple projects within the Trolley Barn Initiative, working alongside The Art Effect youth, including mapping community and cultural assets; conducting community outreach and presentations; and developing a cultural district plan and official designation with the City of Poughkeepsie. They will also assist in various capital development, curatorial and programmatic projects with the aim to establish a preeminent youth arts presence in downtown Poughkeepsie at the Trolley Barn, thereby contributing to downtown revitalization, creative placemaking, and community development in Poughkeepsie. Some Key Activities Include: 
  • Map community and cultural assets of the Middle Main downtown district in Poughkeepsie.
  • Establish a Cultural District through City processes.
  • Serve as community outreach lead to municipal governance groups and creative community leaders.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders, including City, County, public, and private contacts, throughout the Trolley Barn process.
  • Contribute to The Art Effect’s Trolley Barn capital campaign through funder research, coordination, and solicitation.
  • Develop and present a comprehensive plan for Trolley Barn to key target audiences on a quarterly basis.
Click here to learn more and apply! Application Deadline: Tuesday, June 15