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2023 Summer Art Institute

The Art Effect’s Summer Art Institute (including Junior Art Institute) takes young artists on a deep dive into their chosen medium while building foundational knowledge of techniques, elements and principles of fine or digital art. Intermediate and advanced students will develop and elevate their technical skills to create a dynamic portfolio. High school students interested in pursuing a degree in the arts will meet with college representatives and receive portfolio critiques through each two-week session.

Monday – Friday, 9:30 – 4:30pm
Dutchess Community CollegeAllyn Washington Center for Art & Science, 37 Gallery Circle, Poughkeepsie

Select a major based on the choices below. Each major includes different classes with developmentally-appropriate arts instruction. For more information, click on a two-week session below:

Foundational-level majors are recommended for youth ages 11-15 with little or no previous experience in fine or digital art.

Fine Art Foundations – Learn basic techniques, elements and principles of fine art through drawing, painting, mixed media, and collage.
One digital art class is also included. 

Digital Art Foundations – Learn essential elements and principles of digital art. Projects include digital painting, drawn animations, and graphic design.
One fine art class is also included.

The Portfolio Foundations major is recommended for youth ages 12-16 in high school with introductory experience in fine or digital art, or advanced middle school students.

Portfolio Foundations – Begin to develop a dynamic portfolio in drawing, painting, and digital art while expanding on fundamental drawing and painting skills in both visual and digital arts. Primarily working from observation and reference photos, students will learn composition, color theory, mark-making and narrative illustration. Projects will include still life, landscapes, self-portraits, and more!

Portfolio majors are recommended for intermediate-to-advanced level high school students ages 14-19 with experience in digital or fine art. 


Portfolio in Digital Art – Develop a dynamic portfolio while expanding on fundamental digital art skills in mark-making, working with layers, digital character design, animated expressive and narrative shorts, posters and web graphics, and digital composition.

Portfolio in Drawing & Painting – Use drawing, painting, and mixed media to experiment with conceptual works and create work that focuses on a personal vision and voice. Recommended for seniors with college applications on their mind.

Daily Schedule

Each morning begins with an all-student body circle up and an inspiration session where teaching artists share stories, personal works, and motivational wisdom. Next, each group works on in-depth projects within their own major, so that there is a cumulative total of 10 hours per week of deep focus work on their own projects. This is followed by an all-group lunch period where students can socialize. Students must provide their own lunch, snacks, and water. Sunscreen recommended. After lunch, there is an all-ages elective block, in which students can select which discipline they would like to explore outside of their major. Possible elective options may include figure drawing, portraiture, and 3D sculpture. More information on electives and selection will take place two weeks prior to the start of the program. Finally, during the last period of the day, the Foundations-level majors select a second elective class for further exploration of a new discipline, while the Portfolio majors dive back into their majors subject. 

Early drop-off available for an additional $25/day (no earlier than 8:30am)
Late pick-up available for an additional $25/day (no later than 5:15pm)

Please email or call 845-471-7477 to schedule an early drop off/late pick up.

Additional Discounts

  • Multiclass/Sibling Discount: Save 5% when registering 2 or more children OR when you sign 1 child up for two or more weeks of camp.
  • Member Pricing: Save an additional 5% by signing up for a Students & Families membership, click here to “Become a Member.”
  • Scholarships: Scholarships are available to those in economic need, to apply please complete a Scholarship Application Form and send it to

2022 Teen Visions

Teen Visions - Tabitha Koren
Artwork by Tabitha Koren

Experience art through the eyes of talented teens who created an impressive collection of artworks, including drawing, painting, photography, digital animation, film, mixed media, and more!

Teen Visions is a culmination of hard work and dedication the work of selected young artists from The Art Effect’s 2022 summer programs including Summer Art Institute, Junior Art Institute, MADLab, Spark Studios, and D-LIT. It is an incredible accomplishment to be chosen for the Teen Visions Exhibition. As part of The Art Effect’s growing mission to empower youth as leaders who catalyze and engage the community through the arts and re-energize downtown Poughkeepsie, Teen Visions is exhibited alongside professional artists from The Art Effect’s annual membership community November 18 – December 9, 2022.

Join us for an opening reception on Friday, November 18 from 5-7pm

Gallery Hours
Wednesday – Friday, 2-5pm
Saturday, 12-4pm

Register for fall art classes

fall art classes

Dynamic programming at The Art Effect combines both visual art and media art in immersive, experiential courses that allow children to experience, explore and excel in the arts. Fall 2022 art classes begin September 18 with the exception of Senior Project beginning on September 8.

Click on any of the classes listed below for more information or to register online:

Adventures in Shadow Puppets, ages 5-8
Adventures in the Arts, ages 4-7
Exploring Drawing & Painting, ages 8-11
Exploring Puppetry, ages 8-11
Foundations in Digital Art & Illustration, ages 11-14
Foundations in Drawing & Painting, ages 11-14
Foundations in Printmaking, ages 11-14
Portfolio Development Foundations, ages 14-19
Portfolio in Character Design & Comics, ages 14-19
Portfolio in Digital Illustration, ages 14-19
Portfolio in Drawing & Painting, ages 14-19
Portfolio in the Human Figure, ages 14-adult
Senior Project *Must be a high school junior, senior or gap year student

Partial scholarships are available to those in economic need. To apply for a scholarship, please complete a Scholarship Application Form and send it to

2022 Summer Art Institute Sign Up

The Summer Art Institute is designed to help develop students’ ideas and build skills in the visual and digital arts. These intensive multi-week sessions allow young artists ages 11-19 to develop their portfolios. Students can select a major of study to focus on.

For ages 14-19

Teen artists will develop skills that prepare them for advanced artistic study. Students can major in Drawing & Painting, Advanced Drawing & Painting, or Digital Art & Illustration.

Excel your artistic knowledge, techniques, and studio practices by learning from a supportive and knowledgeable team of Teaching Artists. Share this experience with other like minded individuals who have their sights set on pursuing a career in the arts. Emerge with an impressive portfolio including both digital and fine art that highlight a strengthened understanding of color theory, composition, narrative, creative intention, and more. Create a balance between an observational and conceptual style with a strong focus on how to design pieces to include your personal voice. Develop an advanced artistic vocabulary and receive constructive critique on your work from peers and teaching artists. You will have a hand in curating, hanging, and presenting your sessions’ artwork for the Final Showcase art exhibition where your family and friends are invited to celebrate your work. One of your pieces may be chosen for The Art Effect’s Teen Visions exhibition in September!

Students can choose between three majors:

  1. Drawing & Painting – Intermediate artists ready to begin their journey in portfolio development will receive guidance in what colleges look for in a strong portfolio and how to begin to develop pieces with foundational techniques using various paints, inks, charcoals, pastels, and more. 
  2.  Digital Art & Illustration – Intermediate and advanced digital artists will focus on broadening your knowledge about digital tools, resources, and programs to take your work to the next level. Utilize these skills to create stunning original digital illustrations, paintings, animations, and photo manipulations. 
  3. Advanced Drawing & Painting – Advanced level, dedicated students ready to strengthen their artistic knowledge will dive deeper into advanced artistic techniques, practices, and principals. Expand your skills and portray how you see the world using various paints, ink, charcoals, pastels, and more. Advanced Drawing and Painting students will receive a portfolio review from esteemed colleges and learn about the programs they offer. 

Meet Lauren Hollick, SAI and JAI Director!

This summer, Lauren Hollick is leading a dream team of inspirational staff in our Summer Art Institute and Junior Art Institute as Director!
She is a dedicated Artist, Educator, Program Director, and an alumna of The Art Effect. She has been working in our various programs for eight years, spearheading Dutchess/Ulster Arts Camps, Empire After School Program, Arts for Healing, and our National Art Honor Society. Lauren has lived in the Hudson Valley her whole life and obtained a Bachelors in Art Education from SUNY New Paltz.

Lauren strives to have all programs focus on designing inclusive, positive, & safe environments for all young artists where they can experience a wide variety of mediums and technology through the arts! Register HERE for any of our summer camp programs.

Lauren enjoys working with a wide range of mediums from oils, ink, and charcoal to ceramics, animation, and more.

Find Lauren on: Insta @LHollickArtist

Register For Spring Courses

The Art Effect to Receive $20,000 Grant

From the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Art Effect has been approved for a $20,000 award from the National Endowment for the Arts to support the Art Institute, with a special focus on ArtsBridge, a new program within the Art Institute (piloted for 2 years under the name MAAP). ArtsBridge will engage underserved Poughkeepsie youth in the arts to provide them with training, support, and mentorship to help them succeed in higher education. The Art Effect’s project is among 1,073 projects across America totaling nearly $25 million that were selected during this first round of fiscal year 2021 funding in the Grants for Arts Projects funding category.

“The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support this project from The Art Effect,” said Arts Endowment Acting Chairman Ann Eilers. “The Art Effect is among the arts organizations across the country that have demonstrated creativity, excellence, and resilience during this very challenging year.”

The Art Institute, a year-long portfolio development and college preparatory program, engages over 200 youth ages 14-19 each year. The Art Effect helps students develop their ideas and master skills in both visual and media arts preparing them for their future college and career paths in the arts.

“Since 2000, our graduates have been offered over $50 million in merit-based scholarships to the nation’s leading colleges, universities, and art schools”. Says Nicole Fenichel-Hewitt, Executive Director. “Students in our most advanced programs created 153 portfolios this year and thanks to the support of our funders, sponsors, and community we have been able to provide $17,899.50 in financial assistance scholarships to low-income students, increasing access to arts education in our community.”

Responding to the need to interrupt the cycle of poverty and educational inequities in Poughkeepsie, ArtsBridge establishes a pathway for students to higher education through the arts. With the generous support of the NEA grant funding and other supporters, ArtsBridge will implement a comprehensive program in 2021. Participants will gain advanced artistic preparatory and portfolio development skills though the Art Institute as well as college readiness training, and emotional support through individual mentorship with a focus being on college scholarships and matriculation. This spring will also feature guest artists, exposing youth to a variety of college and career fields.

While programs at The Art Effect took a significant hit due to the pandemic last year, with lots of time, talent, hard work, and creative thinking we continue to offer high-quality arts and college prep courses for young people throughout the Hudson Valley. Spring and summer classes are planned for in-person instruction beginning this month. Click here for more information on courses.

For more information on projects included in the Arts Endowment grant announcement, visit

The Art Effect to Receive $15,000 Grant

The Art Institute’s, Senior Project 2021

The Art Effect has been approved for a $15,000 Grants for Arts Projects award to support The Art Institute. Funding for the Art Institute supports high school students in developing advanced artistic skills, producing high-quality college art portfolios, and establishing college readiness. The Art Effect is among 1,248 projects across America totaling $28,840,000 that were selected to receive this first round of fiscal year 2022 funding in the Grants for Arts Projects category.

“The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support arts projects like this one from The Art Effect that help support the community’s creative economy,” said NEA Acting Chair Ann Eilers. “The Art Effect in Poughkeepsie, NY is among the arts organizations nationwide that are using the arts as a source of strength, a path to well-being, and providing access and opportunity for people to connect and find joy through the arts.”

Hudson Valley Regional Portfolio Day, 2019

The Art Institute engages more than 150 youth each year and provides them with access and opportunity to pursue their professional goals, attend college, and receive scholarships. The Art Institute goes beyond arts instruction, says Nicole Fenichel-Hewitt, Executive Director. “The student-centered, holistic program prioritizes personal and professional development. Classes are not only taught by professional artist educators with a rigorous curriculum that surpasses the New York State Standards of Art Education, but also provides mentorship, portfolio development support, exhibition and leadership opportunities, and access to college representatives to gain tools for success in college and career”. 

Life and Death by Ryan Garcia, Art Institute, 2021

Students participate in the Art Institute’s National Art Honor Society, The Art Effect’s Hudson Valley Regional Portfolio Week, and curate and display their work in public exhibitions such as “Teen Visions” and “Senior Project.” In addition, the Art Institute provides one-on-one mentoring to support students’ college applications and help students secure merit scholarships. Since 2000, Art Institute graduates have been offered over $60 million in scholarships. Learn more about the Art Institute, visit

For more information on other projects included in the Arts Endowment grant announcement, visit

Senior Project Virtual Gallery

Senior Project Students

Senior Project is the most rigorous course currently offered at the Art Institute, the capstone of The Art Effect’s portfolio development programming.

Modeled after a senior thesis college course, students work on a personal theme for 12 weeks with an artist/mentor in their chosen art medium. Students present a new work each week along with touch-ups made to the work from the previous week, completing the program with a strong body of work around a chosen theme. Mainly focusing on developing a cohesive body of work, how to prepare for an exhibition, and how the gallery viewer will interact with the work. The Senior Project exhibition is a celebration of the accomplishments of these young artists.

All works are on display at the Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn from December 17, 2021 – January 7, 2022.

Inquiries regarding the purchase of art works should email

About the Instructor:

Rick Price has an MFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, is the chair of the fine art department at the Harvey School, and has extensive teaching experience at Buck’s Rock in CT, mural painting in San Francisco and Beacon, illustration commissions, and has exhibited his fine art work nationwide.

Art Inspirations