Art Battles Pollution: MADLab Students Set To Clean Up The Fall Kill Creek

In 2019, MADLab students are taking on the ravages of pollution in their community. As part of the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute, students will create public art and develop clean green spaces along the Fall Kill Creek, an overlooked waterway in downtown Poughkeepsie. This is the only youth-led arts project that contributes to the city-wide goal of improving the Fall Kill Creek. The Art Effect hopes to raise $10,000 in support of the program. Funds raised will provide youth with the resources to design and install public art sculptures, organize litter clean-up days, create anti-littering educational materials such as video and radio public service announcements, and host community feedback and outreach sessions.
In the process, youth participating in the program will gain useful job skills in areas such as photography, video, landscape design, sanitation, construction, graphic design, radio broadcasting, and community organizing.  Community members interested in supporting the efforts of students can make a donation between now and May 15th through our fundraising campaign, and after May 15th through our website. Students interested in participating in the program should register for our summer program, MADLabs.