Fall Spark Studios

Portfolio in Film & Photo

Students will be pushed to develop their  own visual storytelling style by mastering digital photography and videography. Learn how to use single lens reflex 35mm digital cameras, light meters, and different focal length lenses. Also learn how to write a script, prepare and conduct professional interviews, and edit using Premiere Pro. Students will create a comprehensive photography portfolio and an original short film.

2021 Spark Studios: Summer Youth Employment

Gain Skills in Filmmaking and videography while producing high-quality media work for clients while creating a professional portfolio! Youth hone their sound-mixing and video skills as they work on projects focused on the community of Poughkeepsie’s stories and ideas.

Stipend = $12.50 / hour

2021 MADLab Spring Intensive: Digital Photography – Reel Exposure Intensive

Get into the action of teen storytelling through photos, videos, and response art! Learn how to react to, recreate, and respond to works of art from teenagers across the country by capturing your own photos and producing your own videos! 

Stipend = $50 per youth