DAC Welcomes Deborah Coconis as Millbrook Program Director

Deborah Coconis is the newest addition to our lineup of Program Directors for Dutchess Arts Camp. She will be leading the program’s Millbrook location. Local to the area, Deborah has been living in the Millbrook area for the past fourteen years. She studied both theater and visual arts in college and later apprenticed with master mask maker, Eric Bornstein. She combined the two arts as a mask-maker and performer with Behind the Mask Theatre in her native Boston, and has taught the mask making techniques to many. Locally, she has made and performed her masks at New Year’s Eve Millbrook for many years. She continues her passion for acting as a touring performer to school-aged children with the Center Players on Tour‘s production of Rip Van Winkle, and most recently directed their touring show of The Pink Refrigerator. She has starred in numerous roles at the Center for Performing Arts Rhinebeck and was a company member and School of the Arts instructor at Half Moon Theatre in Poughkeepsie. Deborah serves as the current director of Millbrook Community Preschool at Grace Church, where she has taught for the past ten wonderful years. She finds preschool, and teaching in general to be a natural creative outlet for her artistic sensibilities, especially as a performer.  Dedicated to community arts enrichment, she has served as a board member for the Millbrook Arts Group for the past ten years. She looks forward to bringing her awesome experiences as an instructor at the Poughkeepsie Dutchess Arts Camp for the past five years closer to her home and student friends and families in Millbrook. Meet Deborah this summer at Dutchess Arts Camp in Millbrook!