Featured Artist: BoogieRez

The Art Effects Youth Workforce Programs had the opportunity to work alongside PKX Featured Artist, BoogieRez, a duo artist team inspired by the Hip Hop culture that incorporates a creative blend of music, photography, illustration, painting, graphic design, dance, fashion design and sculpture into their work. 

As a part of the annual PKX Festivals, youth work closely with a selected artist that they feel fits the theme, mission, and goals of the chosen PKX Festival theme each year as part of the the Youth Arts Empowerment Zone. After selecting a theme, students research artists, send out RFP’s and undergo the artist selection process. 

For the 2022 PKX: Wonderland Festival, The Art Effect’s youth and BoogieRez began working on a unique public art piece we are thrilled to unveil at this year’s PKX Festival. From a whirlwind trip to BoogieRez’s studio in New York City in the spring to spend weeks in the summer constructing an interactive public sculpture, The youth had insightful conversations about the influence of public art in the city of Poughkeepsie and spent a lot of time creating, laughing, and planning this year’s PKX Festival!

Visit The PKX Festival on September 17, 2022 for the official unveiling and to hear from all the artists involved

“Honestly my creative adventure really started in Poughkeepsie once I met Rez. It’s a magical place, Poughkeepsie, it really is. It is amazing that there is just so much different culture in Poughkeepsie. There is a lot of hidden and not-so-hidden talent in the city” – Riiisa Boogie of BoogieRez.

“Hopefully we are beacons to help you get wherever you want to get to creatively” – Rez Ones of BoogieRez.