Senior Project Showcase Opening was a Blast

“This is the most awesome thing in a while around here, thank you very much, sincerely.” Everyone had a great time at Art After Hours 2020, with over 100 people coming out to join us last Friday in the celebration sponsored by IES. Blue Museum turned out the tunes throughout the evening while Earth Wind, & Fuego, LLC, Chocolate Mousse Catering, Laughing Gut, Newburgh Brewing Company, Queen City Farm Distillery, Millbrook Winery, Satisfy Hunger, The Educated Chef, The Rolling Bakery, Twisted Soul, Not My Wife’s Cooking, and Emy D’s Desserts served up tasty local food and beverages. “This is all so amazing and inspiring.” Art brought everyone together as the crowd moved through the space socializing and taking in the Senior Project Showcase. The showcase featured works created over the course of 12 weeks by Mel Audette-Diaz, Anneke Chan, BB Jaffee, Ally Walsh, and Olivia Weinstein, young artists in the Art Institute’s 2019 Senior Project program, one of the most rigorous courses offered by The Art Effect. There were also three featured paintings by Rick Price, the Director of the Summer Art Institute and the instructor of Senior Project. “What a place to honor the wonderful work.” As the night wrapped up, the show’s guestbook was filled with positive feedback about the the fun people had, the love they felt for the artists and the artwork, and the impressive nature of the exhibition. The Senior Project Showcase remains on display at the Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn through February 1, 2020, and is accessible by appointment. To arrange for a viewing, contact Lauren at The Art Effect, by email at or by phone at 845.471.7477.

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