2022 Summer Art Institute Sign Up

The Summer Art Institute is designed to help develop students’ ideas and build skills in the visual and digital arts. These intensive multi-week sessions allow young artists ages 11-19 to develop their portfolios. Students can select a major of study to focus on.

For ages 14-19

Teen artists will develop skills that prepare them for advanced artistic study. Students can major in Drawing & Painting, Advanced Drawing & Painting, or Digital Art & Illustration.

Excel your artistic knowledge, techniques, and studio practices by learning from a supportive and knowledgeable team of Teaching Artists. Share this experience with other like minded individuals who have their sights set on pursuing a career in the arts. Emerge with an impressive portfolio including both digital and fine art that highlight a strengthened understanding of color theory, composition, narrative, creative intention, and more. Create a balance between an observational and conceptual style with a strong focus on how to design pieces to include your personal voice. Develop an advanced artistic vocabulary and receive constructive critique on your work from peers and teaching artists. You will have a hand in curating, hanging, and presenting your sessions’ artwork for the Final Showcase art exhibition where your family and friends are invited to celebrate your work. One of your pieces may be chosen for The Art Effect’s Teen Visions exhibition in September!

Students can choose between three majors:

  1. Drawing & Painting – Intermediate artists ready to begin their journey in portfolio development will receive guidance in what colleges look for in a strong portfolio and how to begin to develop pieces with foundational techniques using various paints, inks, charcoals, pastels, and more. 
  2.  Digital Art & Illustration – Intermediate and advanced digital artists will focus on broadening your knowledge about digital tools, resources, and programs to take your work to the next level. Utilize these skills to create stunning original digital illustrations, paintings, animations, and photo manipulations. 
  3. Advanced Drawing & Painting – Advanced level, dedicated students ready to strengthen their artistic knowledge will dive deeper into advanced artistic techniques, practices, and principals. Expand your skills and portray how you see the world using various paints, ink, charcoals, pastels, and more. Advanced Drawing and Painting students will receive a portfolio review from esteemed colleges and learn about the programs they offer.