2022 Residency Opportunities

Media Arts Residency Offerings


Animated Learning
Students use stop-motion animation to collaborate on an animated narrative or expository short. Students learn different techniques using various materials to create the story, backgrounds, characters, and movements. Students also learn editing in Adobe Premiere to incorporate voice recordings, music, and sound effects.

Art of Music Videos
Students will get a chance to pick a song to create their own music video. Students will also critique their favorite music videos to help them identify criteria for what makes an interesting and visually appealing music video. They will learn multi-media production to be able to incorporate animations, special effects, and narrative storylines to make their music videos unique to them. 

Cinematic Adaptation
Students learn to translate textual literacy into visual literacy to use the tools of cinematography to script, film, and edit a cinematic adaptation of a source text, with the challenge of retaining the theme/tone/central conflict of the original source but updating the time period and circumstances to reflect students’ lives and interests, as well as altering the conclusion to become more hopeful than the original.

Students use basic media literacy principles to decode advertisements. They then create counter-advertisements, or parodies of advertisements, that deliver more truthful or constructive messages using the same persuasion techniques as real ads. This workshop can be offered either in print media, radio, or video formats.

Visual Arts Residency Offerings

Sketching and Drawing 101
Sharpen your drawing skills! Learn how to create a sketch that captures a fleeting moment, focusing on the lines and movement of what you are looking to draw, then learn how to add light and shadow to bring depth to your drawing.

Watercolor Painting
Explore various watercoloring techniques as you blend colors and let your imagination run free, creating colorful flowers and fantastic landscapes.

Acrylic/Tempera Painting
With Red, Yellow, and Blue you can make any color you want to! Learn about primary and complementary colors through color mixing as you create fun abstract paintings. Sponges, tape, utensils and more will be available to create unique patterns and designs. 

Oil Pastels 
Explore different pastel techniques to create a world of summertime fun. Learn the art of composition as you create an image that captures your idea what makes summer such a special time of year.