Exploring Drawing & Painting

Expand creativity through an immersive experience in drawing and painting. Young artists will learn to visually render original characters, stories, and artistic visions while learning techniques in colored pencils, pastels, ink, acrylics, watercolors, and more. Projects vary from color exploration and character creation to developing narratives.

Foundations in Digital Art and Illustration

Learn to create compelling and well-composed digital images using various digital tools.  Students will learn the fundamentals of Photoshop to create self-portraits, expressive cartoons, learn how to digitally paint landscapes, and more. 


Exploring Film & Media Art

This class will be primarily focused on instilling a love for digital art making and the moving image through personal expression and basic compositional principles, editing, and digital filmmaking. Students will also get an introduction to basic storytelling techniques digital/visual mediums and animation through digital painting, .gifs, and stop-motion techniques.

Portfolio in the Human Figure

A functional understanding of anatomy, gesture, and proportion is the foundation of any figural artwork. This class will help a students’ portfolio stand out by learning to draw the human figure. Working from a live nude model, students will develop an advanced understanding of how to render the human form while focusing on human anatomy, proportions, poses, and gestures.. Using a variety of materials and techniques, students will gain confidence in mark-making and grounding figures in dynamic compositions.

Intermediate Portfolio Development

Students will learn how to refine their observation and rendering skills to create a sophisticated fine art portfolio! Use the tools of drawing and painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography, and experimental works to create a body of work in a variety of mediums while learning how to focus and solidify a personal vision and voice. This class is a prerequisite to Advanced Portfolio Development.

Portfolio in Comics & Sequential Art

This class will train young artists to tell a visual story panel by panel. Referencing film, video, comic books and comic strips students will learn how to break down their ideas into the "keyframes" of their story. Emphasis will also be placed on the overall look of their comic pages within the ‘Elements of Art’ including line quality, shading, variety, emphasis, and perspective. This course uses traditional materials such as bristol board paper, pencils, tracing paper, sable brushes, india ink.

Portfolio Development Foundations

Students will become proficient in drawing and painting human anatomy, proportions, landscapes, still lifes, and more, while learning to draw from observation and creating original works that blend the observation with the imagination. Learn what it takes to go beyond basics and begin building a scholarship-worthy portfolio. This class will prepare students for advanced classes such as Intermediate Portfolio and other specialty Portfolio classes.


(ArtsBridge Requisite Course)

Portfolio in Film & Photo

Students will be pushed to develop their  own visual storytelling style by mastering digital photography and videography. Learn how to use single lens reflex 35mm digital cameras, light meters, and different focal length lenses. Also learn how to write a script, prepare and conduct professional interviews, and edit using Premiere Pro. Students will create a comprehensive photography portfolio and an original short film.

Senior Project

An advanced mentoring and portfolio development course designed to help earn top scholarship awards by developing a strong body of artwork. It must be taken in conjunction with Road to Scholarships (at no additional cost). Students will complete 10 pieces of artwork, as well as a visual research sketchbook that reflects a deeper understanding of learned concepts. A new, finished piece will be expected every class for critique as well as the previous week’s piece after applying feedback. Once completed you will be given letters of recommendation from the instructor, direct assistance applying to the colleges of your choice, and the opportunity to exhibit your work at a public gallery event.


Registrants will be contacted to schedule a meeting with instructor Rick Price prior to the first day to review the course commitments as well as the registrant's current portfolio. Students will be required to develop 2 proposals for conceptual themes for their body of course work prior to the first day.


The Road To Scholarships

Learn college admission secrets that could save your family thousands in tuition, stand out from other applicants and understand the process. Dive deep into all aspects of admissions; including application, portfolio reviews, writing your essays and increasing your chances for top scholarship awards. Plus, explore potential career pathways, the art college experience, and avoiding the pitfalls of the process. You will receive individualized advice on identifying schools that are the best fit for you and making the admission process as stress free as possible. 

*This class will be taught virtually via Zoom.

*A seat in Road to Scholarships is included in registration price for Senior Project*