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YAEZ Liaisons’ New Pavement Mural

The Youth Arts Empowerment Zone (YAEZ) liaisons have revitalized the pavement outside the Trolley Barn Gallery with a vibrant mural, revamping the previous artwork. This project is part of their annual community engagement efforts, where local students organize workshops, art activities, and an arts festival. 

The YAEZ liaisons collaborated on a lively, pop-inspired design. Through interactive workshops, they created characters and themes celebrating nature and Poughkeepsie’s landscape. The community embraced the project, with over 50 people participating in the painting process. The mural now serves as a joyful centerpiece, engaging residents and visitors with community spirit!

Teaching Artist: Destiny Arianna  

Assistant: Tamara Gentle  


Keima Worme  

Ashley Lewis  

Tahleeya Raphael  

Shandrela Williams  

MADLab Students Unveil Public Art Sculpture at PKX Festival

The upcoming PKX Festival, themed “Droppin’ Jewels,” is deeply rooted in the wisdom and influence of Keli Faircloth’s grandmother, a beloved figure in her life. As an active member of The Art Effect’s programs and a vital part of the PKX Festival Committee and Youth Curatorial Team, Keli embodies the theme through her role as a knowledge keeper, inspired by her grandmother’s wise words: “Child, I just dropped some jewels on you.” This personal connection will fill the festival with a spirit of wisdom, creativity, and community empowerment, celebrating Poughkeepsie’s creative energy across generations.

MADLab students, Mahogany and Kierra Thomas embarked on a visionary project during a May sculpture intensive. Inspired by the theme of “Droppin’ Jewels,” they developed an idea of crystal-like trees to symbolize imparting wisdom. Under the guidance of artist Suprina Kenney-Troche,  the students brought their vision to life. The outcome is an incredible gem tree, ready to captivate visitors at PKX Festival.

The gem tree serves not only as an inspirational piece of art but also as an interactive installation. Festival attendees are invited to participate by hanging pieces of wisdom or advice on the tree, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

Join us at the PKX Festival, April 20, for the unveiling of this special creation, where art, collaboration, and inspiration converge to create a truly memorable experience.


David Wong

Suprina Kenney-Troche

MADLab Youth:

Aiden Colby 

Ilyssa Waite

Jurenei Favours

Antonio Carrera

Anderson Casco

Skit Lucca

Jaslene Johnson

Salahdeen Hamira

Sanai Leary

Yani Gaskin

Phylea Clarke

Anayi Twyman

Nyhkaii Tissiera

Oneka Hall