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Summer Workforce Programs 2024

Get Paid to Create This Summer! Ages 14-19
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The Art Effect empowers youth to develop their artistic voice to shape their futures by giving them the opportunity to develop real skills, and guiding them towards achieving their academic and career goals. The Art Effect’s youth workforce programs build workforce development skills, provide paid work experience, and help students get on a path to college and career success! Each program offers different skills from film and photography to public art, to place keeping and curation.
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MADLab (Media, Arts & Design Lab) 
MADLab is an arts-based career & skills development program that 
trains youth in:
•  Visual art, graphic design, and aesthetic development skills
• Creating public art projects with professional artists
• Leadership and communication skills through public outreach

Spark Studios
Spark Studios is a media-based career and skills development program that trains youth through community client projects and original creative film. Training includes:
•  Video production, camera operation, filmmaking techniques
•  Working with clients on commercial video
•  Video editing software including sound mixing

Youth Arts Empowerment Zone & Trolley Barn Gallery
The YAEZ and Trolley Barn Curatorial Team trains youth in creative placemaking, event and curatorial planning while creating an impact on the community in and around the Trolley Barn Gallery. This summer, implement community events and workshops, art activities, and oversee the execution of the summer exhibition!

PKX Fashion Show!

Vote for your favorite designs in the audience choice awards!

PKX Film Showcase 2024

On Friday, April 19 at 6:30 PM the film festival kicks off with incredible short films produced by youth from around the country, as well as from the City of Poughkeepsie. Following the showcase, Poughkeepsie youth who participated in The Art Effect’s winter break workforce training intensive with featured artist Hezues R., filmmaker and media entrepreneur and Poughkeepsie High School alumnus, will debut their collaborative film, The Last String. The evening will culminate with an awards presentation and Q&A with the youth filmmakers.

2024 Film Festival Lineup:

Heart of Pearls (Hati Manek)
Runtime: 4:05
Alessandra Low & Margaret Feliciano

A young Peranakan girl rejects the traditional art of Kasut Manek for modern trends, machinery, and industrialization. She only learns the importance of her culture after a fight between her and her mother and takes the first steps to embrace her tradition after apologizing.

Anna McGee’s Wild Ride
Runtime: 1:36
Ava Bounds
, Age 18
Leeds, UK
A teenager on the cusp of adulthood flies through her entire future while stuck in a traffic jam.

For All That Was Lost
Runtime: 4:46
Will Hemphill & Nolan Crane
, Age 16
Newport Beach, CA
For All That Was Lost follows two brothers and their wives separated by war; examining the power of human connection, love and healing.

The Last Wipe
Runtime: 5:10
Yaseen AlAradi, Age 20
The Last Wipe is a student short film about a struggling university student trying to go through life and washing cars for a living.

The Gouda News
Runtime: 5:14
Chatham Rigsby
Savannah, GA

A little girl in an effort to sell cheese for a school fundraiser stumbles upon an ingenious marketing approach.

Runtime: 8:02
Johan Hernandez, Age 18
Poughkeepsie, NY

In a modern-dystopian short film, a new social media app creates a descent into madness for kids, teenagers, and adolescents. This app attracts Friend, an aspiring influencer hoping to reach the top as soon as possible, and the protagonist is brought along for the ride.

Runtime: 2:19
Jay Lau
Hong Kong, China

Runtime: 3:22
Eva Iglesias Lorenzo
Vigo, Spain

A series of events envelop Theresa in an emotional journey of descent through the consequences of the OCD she suffers: Excoriation Disorder, leading her to harm her own skin. In this process, Theresa battles her own monsters to regain self-control and return to the world.

Wake Up Call!
Runtime: 3:42
Sarah Gleixner, Age 20
Marysville, PA

A college student gets an unwanted visitor in her dorm.

Runtime: 8:32
Soly Gutierrez
San Antonio, TX

Determined to match up to his idol, Tim Duncan, an underachieving teen with a Napoleon complex organizes a slam dunk contest.

Runtime: 5:47
Cherilyn Audelia, Age 20
Tangerang, Indonesia

Being colorblind, a man is now trapped in an unfulfilling job after he failed to become a pilot, searching desperately for unattainable happiness that makes him dependent on psychosis that erases the line between reality and his imagination.

The Man
Runtime: 3:54
Maria Dmitrieva, Age 17
Russian Federation

A fantasy about a cycle where a hunter tracks down a wolf and, after eating it, becomes one himself.

“Who We Are” Music Video

Join us on day two of this year’s PKX Festival, April 19th at the Trolley Barn Gallery for the World Premiere of the Who We Are music video created by the youth of Spark Studios.

Video edited by Raymond “Rayband” C., Spark Studios

Behind The Scenes with Spark Studios

Take a look behind the scenes as the Spark Studios youth prepare for this year’s PKX Festival’s Official Music Video, “Who We Are”! VLOG Produced by JD @jaydeegreat

This year’s PKX Festival, “Droppin’ Jewels” celebrates the richness of Poughkeepsie’s community, highlighting its assets, heroes, and the intergenerational creative energy that defines the city. Throughout the free, 3-day festival, families, friends, and the community will participate in family-friendly art and media activities, teen art exhibition opening reception, short-film screenings, food trucks, vendors, and more. All components of the festival are free and open to the public.

Music Video Youth Credits:

Maximus Barry
Raymond Candido
Sharie Ortiz
Malika Oszip
Sagiv Baker
October Davis
Jayden Thoman
Lilly Oleary
Max Goodhill
Riley Slosson
Wiles Assael
Aiden Colby

2024 Summer Camps and Classes


Dutchess and Ulster Arts Camps allow children to imagine, discover, create, and have fun each summer. Young artists explore fine art, digital media art, and performing arts while strengthening their self-confidence, creative thinking, and art making techniques both individually and in a collaborative setting. Professional artists and experienced teachers support hands-on art experimentation with a wide variety of artistic mediums including painting, sculpture, collage, and animation. The pieces created at camp will portray original narratives connecting to each camper’s interests and lives. Finished artwork and performances will be displayed in a final showcase each Friday in an open exhibition setting for campers to share with family and friends. Creativity thrives as campers explore and play! Click on a week below to register:

Dutchess Arts Camp – Poughkeepsie

Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
Oakwood Friends School 22 Spackenkill Rd, Poughkeepsie
Week 1: July 8 – July 12
Week 2: July 15 – July 19
Week 3: July 22 – July 26
Week 4: July 29 – August 2

Ulster Arts Camp – New Paltz

Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
SUNY New Paltz – 1 Hawk Dr, New Paltz
Week 1: July 29 – August 2
Week 2: August 5 – August 9


The Art Effect’s Junior Art Institute takes young artists on a deep dive into their chosen medium while building a foundational knowledge of techniques, elements, and principles of fine or digital art.
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm.
Dutchess Community College – Allyn Washington Center for Art & Science, 37 Gallery Circle, Poughkeepsie.


Fine Arts students this summer will explore drawing, painting, introductory figure drawing, and stop-motion animation! This intensive art course teaches students the various concepts of 2D and 3D art while showing them the many possibilities and outcomes these techniques and materials can offer. This Junior Art Institute track is perfect for students serious about fine art and developing their skill set.

Digital Arts Track

The Junior Art Institute’s Digital Arts track will include instruction in digital arts and illustration, stop-motion animation, and experimental printmaking. Students will learn fine art skills such as value, color theory, composition, and 3D modeling to create original, digital artworks. Learn how fine art elements enhance character designs and narratives! This track is great for students interested in animation, character design, and illustration.

    (AGES 14-19)

    The Art Effect’s Summer Art Institute takes high school-aged artists on a deep dive into their chosen medium while building on a foundational knowledge of techniques, elements, and principles of fine or digital art while creating a strong portfolio. High school students interested in pursuing a degree in the arts will meet with college representatives and receive portfolio critiques each session.

    Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm
    Dutchess Community College – Allyn Washington Center for Art & Science, 37 Gallery Circle, Poughkeepsie

    Drawing and Painting Track

    The Summer Art Institute’s Drawing and Painting track is recommended for high school students with a love of art who want to grow their skills and experience this summer. Create an impressive fine-art portfolio with classes including Drawing and Painting, Experimental Printmaking, and Color and The Human Figure. Students will tackle color theory, composition, content, materiality, and value to enhance their 2D art-making skills. This Summer Art Institute track is recommended for students looking to improve their technical skills while making unique and original art that can go into their fine art portfolios. 

    Digital Arts and Illustration Track

    The Summer Arts Institute’s Digital Arts & Illustration track is recommended for high school students who are interested in exploring and refining skills in animation, digital painting, narrative creation, concept design, and illustration. Students in this track will take classes including Digital Illustration, Mixed Media Animation, and Human Figure. Students will elevate their artistic knowledge, technical skills, and unique artistic style this summer by learning the power of mark-making, color theory, narrative creation, character design, animation, and contemporary artistic technology. Students will master their skills using various technology including iPads, and professional programs such as Procreate, Adobe Suite, and beyond!

    Advanced Drawing and Painting Track

    Advanced Drawing and Painting is the Summer Art Institute’s most comprehensive portfolio track for students with fine art experience and a desire to create a strong portfolio. Classes include Advanced Drawing and Painting, Color and The Human Figure, and Digital Arts and Illustration. Working from intricate still lifes, live models, contemporary art elements, and experimental techniques, Advanced Drawing and Painting students will spend three weeks this summer using their artistic knowledge to develop an authentic, mature, and edited fine art portfolio. Students enrolling in this summer program must already have an understanding of formal art techniques, color theory, value, key/tone, and composition. 

    Early drop-off available for an additional $25/day
    Late pick-up available for an additional $25/day

    Please email or call 845-471-7477 to schedule an early drop off/late pick up.


    • Save even more as a member of The Art Institute! Enjoy exclusive benefits while supporting The Art Effect’s mission to empower young people to develop their creative voice, shape their futures, and bring about positive social change through visual and media arts. Save an additional 5% on classes and Summer Arts Camps, early entry to meet with top arts colleges at Hudson Valley Regional Portfolio Day, and early access to registration for year-round art courses. Become An Art Institute Member Today!
    • Multiclass/Sibling Discount: Save 5% when registering 2 or more children OR when you sign 1 child up for two or more weeks of camp.

    Full or partial scholarships may be available to those in economic need, to apply please complete a Scholarship Application Form and send it to

    2024 Youth Workforce Programs

    Spark Studios: Photography in Action
    April 9 – April 20, 2024
    WEEK 1: Tuesday – Thurday | 3:00 – 5:30 PM
    WEEK 2: Tuesday – Saturday | 3:00 – 5:30 PM

    PUF Studios: 8 N. Cherry St, Poughkeepsie 
    This round of Spark Studios will focus on the art of photography, highlighting the techniques of capturing movements of live models in action. Spark Studio Students will gain hands on experience, learning camera settings and angles to achieve high quality images and the opportunity to be a paid photographer during the PKX festival, documenting the fashion show and activities.

    Media, Art, & Design Lab: Sculpture Mania Intensive
    April 9 – April 19, 2024
    Tuesday – Friday | 3:00 – 5:30 PM

    Pershing Studios: 45 Pershing Ave, Poughkeepsie 
    Students can unleash creativity in our April intensive workshop!
    Participants will engage in hands-on exploration with fabric, clay, sewing kits, and sculpture tools to craft awe-inspiring 3D artworks. The creations will be showcased for all to admire at the upcoming PKX festival.

    Trolley Barn Youth Curatorial Team 
    February 7 – June 15
    Trolley Barn Gallery: 489 Main St, Poughkeepsie
    The Art Effect’s curatorial training program is composed of youth taking part in the Trolley Barn Gallery Curatorial Team who make high level exhibition curation decisions and are mentored by experts in the field. Teens ages 16-19 earn a stipend for working on two exhibitions, The Exhibition Where a Gallery Exhibits Anime Art, a pollution prevention exhibition (title TBD), cleanups in and around the Trolley Barn Gallery and the 2024 PKX Festival, Droppin’ Jewels.

    Youth Arts Empowerment Zone (YAEZ)/ PKX Festival
    February 5 – May 8
    Trolley Barn Gallery: 489 Main St, Poughkeepsie
    YAEZ Liaisons are part of The Art Effect’s curatorial training programs at the Trolley Barn Gallery. YAEZ Liaisons focus on the impact of the community in and around the Trolley Barn Gallery. Youth employees earn a stipend as they learn the tactics of creative placemaking, marketing, outreach, event planning, and more while planning and running the 2024 PKX Festival, Droppin’ Jewels on April 18-20, 2024!

    Please reach out to or 845.471.7477 with any questions.

    2023 Senior Project Exhibition

    January 5 – February 9, 2024

    Convey/ER/OR gallery | 299 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY
    Gallery hours by appointment only. Contact 845-452-5240 to schedule.

    Opening Reception: January 5, 2024
    Private Reception open only to Senior Project students and their families: 5 – 6 PM
    Public Reception: 6 – 8 PM

    Hosted at CONVEY/er/or Gallery, the Senior Project exhibition showcases the work of The Art Effect’s most intensive capstone program. High school seniors and gap year teens in Senior Project complete a 12 week program to create a high quality, unique and portfolio ready, series and exhibit those works in a local commercial gallery. The opening reception is open to the public, light refreshments. Senior Projects students will speak about their experience in the Senior Project program, their hopes for the future and answer questions about their inspiration and process. 

    Morgan Suter

    Sirena Fitzgerald
    Julie Woods
    Jessica Byars

    Youth Curators:
    Chanel Reed
    Crystal Serino
    Jayden Thomas

    Youth Volunteers:
    Keith Reed Jr
    Leroy Manrique
    Joshua Walker
    Iasiah Williams

    • Jessica Byars • Skirt • Procreate on iPad • 16” x 24” • Hopewell Junction, NY • $500

    2023 Art After Dark Gallery

    2023 Winter Intensives

    Apply for a winter workforce intensive in entrepreneurship or public arts where you earn a stipend to learn and work! Open to students ages 14-19 who live in Dutchess County.

    Arts & Entrepreneurship Intensive
    December 4 – 15, 2023 
    Monday – Friday | 3:00 – 5:30 PM
    PUF Studios: 8 N. Cherry St, Poughkeepsie 

    In this business start-up workshop, young entrepreneurs will receive support in generating their business ideas and clientele. 

    Students will get the resources they need to establish: 
    • Business branding (names/logos/mission statements)
    • What services they can & will provide
    • Generating Price Points for those services
    • Generating leads for target customer for their business 
    • How to draft and pitch client proposals and general agreements

    Students ages 14-19 who participate and successfully complete all 25 hours of the workforce intensive will earn a $125 stipend and a chance to make a business ‘elevator’ pitch to a panel of business professionals.

    Street Art Intensive
    December 4 – 14, 2023 
    Monday – Thursday | 3:00 – 5:30 PM
    Pershing Studios: 45 Pershing Ave, Poughkeepsie

    Bring art to the world by taking it to the streets! In this intensive, you’ll explore the world of street art from Graffiti and stenciling to sculpture, public painting, and more! Receive $100 stipend upon completion of the program!

    Students ages 14-19 who participate and successfully complete all 20 hours of the workforce intensive will earn a $100 stipend!

    PKX Festival Intensive
    December 4 – 14
    Monday – Thursday | 3:00 – 5:30 PM
    Trolley Barn Gallery: 489 Main St, Poughkeepsie

    Join us in crafting an unforgettable festival experience!

    This Winter Intensive is for young creatives who want to shape the identity of the 3rd annual PKX Festival under the theme “Droppin’ Jewels.” Teens will immerse themselves in a dynamic and collaborative environment, honing design and marketing skills while contributing to the festival’s vibrant branding.

    Program Highlights:

    • Establish Festival Branding
      • Unleash your creativity to craft a captivating color palette that embodies the spirit 
      • Develop a visual identity that resonates with the festival’s theme
    • Design Festival Poster
      • Dive into the world of graphic design as you collaboratively create the festival’s poster.
    • Generate Community Engagement
      • design and distribute eye-catching flyers relating to the festival
    • Cultivate Design and Marketing Skills
      • Gain hands-on experience in graphic design, applying principles to real-world projects.
      • Sharpen marketing skills by crafting content that effectively communicates the festival’s theme and encourages community involvement.